*Para español, haz click aquí* Francisco, whom many of you may remember as one of the cooks at Yandup, was the person we looked for when we needed to write (or paint) Yandup Island Lodge’s name on the boats or cayucos. Once, he painted them very differently from what we were used to. Our reaction […]

*Para español haz click aquí* / Lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about Kunas with outstanding achievements. This wasn’t so common before. For example, we have professor Nelson Hackin, who was a contestant for TVN’s Heroes for Panama. Hackin is the founder of Fundación Trabajando por un Futuro Mejor (Working for a Better Future […]

We reached 200 reviews on Trip Advisor! Thanks to all of you who have written positive reviews as you really make our day, and thank you to all who have written not so positive reviews as you help us improve our work. We have also earned the Certificate of Excellence for the second year! I’ll […]

Euphoria is the first word that comes to my mind to describe what was the atmosphere in the community when the Digicel antenna started functioning: “Señal nika! There’s mobile phone signal!” was heard all around the community. To give you an idea, the network traffic overloaded as there were so many people calling their relatives, […]

We want to tell you about something that happened in the community a few weeks ago: “the house was upset”. That’s the literal translation for the Kuna phrase: “Negurwesid“. But it really does have a more deep, difficult to translate meaning: Negurwesid means that for some reason, the spirits are disturbed and upset, and that […]

There’s a lot we wish to tell you, and we can’t fit it on a Facebook status or 140 characters on Twitter. That’s why we have started our own blog with the stories we have always wanted to share with you about Yandup Lodge, our family, our people and the stories that have been going […]